Barangay Management Information System

The Barangay Management Information System (BMIS) facilitates identification of barangay needs vital for nutrition and development planning, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and promote capacity development of Barangay Development Councils (BDCs) in e-governance. Data is at the center of BMIS – from collection, to analysis, to storage and retrieval.

BMIS serves as the barangay’s data and information system/center for situational analysis using accurate, reliable, and easily retrievable data for program planning and implementation. These shall then serve as the basis for the BIDP.

In the advent of e-governance, BMIS implements its own, specialized desktop software that is able to generate up to 100 reports and tables for easy retrieval and analysis of local governments.

It encourages people-based participatory planning for the identification of vital linkages among line agencies that will lead to proper coordination of municipal programs, thus, reducing the risk of project failures. BMIS enhances the efficient reporting of local government offices, PPIC/BDC, and other field workers in designing projects according to intended stakeholders, and easily assess progress of implemented projects that will serve as basis for reprogramming and/or updating development plans.